The Icing on the Cake

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I have called this post “The Icing on the Cake” because that is what i think the Entertainment and the Decorations at the Year 6 Graduation party will be. They will reflect my theme which once again is “Classically Roman” so draped white sheets (which wont cost anything because everyone has white sheets at home we could borrow), golden standing chandelier type lights for the table decorations, vases of white roses and gardenias – and some green foliage to really set the mood.
This will set the mood of the evening without costing a fortune.

Entertainment – I’ve gone for really interactive elements here, being a dance floor with music and a DJ to get everyone involved, and hiring a photo booth for people to take serious and silly photos in with their friends to really remember the night. I’ve been to a concert where they had these photo booths and they were extremely popular, plus everyone gets a memento of the evening. Both of these come within budget.

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Inspirational Invitations

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This week I will reveal my invitations for the year 6 celebration dinner. Remember my theme is classically Roman and so my invitations are inspired by this theme. Hope you enjoy them. Please click on my “Invitation” link below to view.


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Smart Art

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In art I have been working towards a finished artwork inspired by Jeffrey Smart. Using his bold style I have transformed a photo of my school into a colourful masterpiece.

Jeffrey Smart was an Australian painter famous for his works depicting industrialised and modernised Australian landscapes. He was born in Adelaide and grew up during the time of
the depression, he found peace lost in the stone architecture and this has inspired his work.

Here is my Jeffrey Smart Art-


I hope my artwork has inspired you and that maybe you could paint one too.

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Menu Madness

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This term, as you may have known, during our last weeks in 6RC we have been designing the perfect year 6 farewell dinner. This week our task was to design a menu card and appropriate food for the occasion.

I have chosen to go with a light meal, because there will be a lot of dancing. Of course no one would want to miss out dancing with there uncoordinated parents! Another benefit of this menu is that it is relatively cost affective.

My menu will cater for most special dietary requirements. Upon arrival Hors D’oeuvres including assorted breads and dips also seasonal fruit and cheese plates will be served fresh.
For the main course a selection of carvery meats- roasted pork, chicken or lamb will be served on a spit. Assorted salads- choice of a crisp green salad or a potato salad. Freshly baked bread baskets will be served at the table including gluten free alternatives. Finally the dessert, there will be mini pavlovas, a fresh fruit salad and a selection of gelato’s on offer. Please click on “menu” below to see my menu card.

This should start the night off with a high standard. If you have enjoyed reading my post please leave a comment below.


Perfect Party Planning

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In class I have been working on a extremely special task, designing the perfect year six farewell party/dinner. Well, where do I start? First we need the numbers, I worked out if each child and her two parents came there, would be an approximate number of 162 people. Then the next most important, budget. For a meal and entertainment a reasonable price of $30 per person will add up to a total cost of $4860. I have my budget and the numbers, now I must decide on a theme.

The theme needs to reflect the importance of the occasion. So…Imagine walking into a room with long, flowing, elegant fabric draped across the ceiling to give you a feeling of luxury. Long banquet style tables with extravagant floral decorations and fine white and gold china. Beautiful lighting illuminates the room, giving it a golden glow. You might feel like you are back in Roman times. The theme I have chosen is “Classically Roman”.

In keeping with the Theme, the dress code is Black Tie for the parents and formal white and gold dresses for the girls.

Here is an image for you to see the concept of Classically Roman

Roman Banquet

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Enormous Earth

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Like me perhaps you have never given much thought about what is under our feet. This term 6RC has started studying the Earths layers and I would like to share some interesting facts with you.

Lets start at the top. The Crust, this is the thinnest layer- It has a variable thickness, anywhere from 35-70 km. This is not what we walk on. The layers of dirt and silt that cover the crust are normally considered to be separate from it.

Next is the largest layer, the Mantle. The Mantle is about 2900 km thick, and is separated into the upper and lower mantle. It is made up of iron and magnesium (solid lava). This is where most of the internal heat of the Earth is located. Large convective cells in the mantle circulate heat and may cause plate tectonic processes.


Last, but not least the Core. Like the Mantle, the Core is divided into the outer and inner Core. The Outer Core is made up of Iron and Nickel. The Outer Core is very hot around 5000+ degrees celsius and is liquid. The Inner core is made up of the same material (Iron and Nickel). However because of the incredible pressure the Inner Core is a solid mass.

I hope you have learned a couple of interesting facts about the Earth, I certainly have!

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Global Read Aloud- The Fourteenth Goldfish

Hello World,

It is the start of another busy term and 6RC are all ready actively participating in The Global Read Aloud. 6RC have joined with classes all the way from America on a safe chat forum called Edmodo. There we share our thought’s about The Fourteenth Goldfish, the 2014 Global Read Aloud novel.

So far, The Fourteenth Goldfish has been about a young American girl starting middle school and her “dramatic” family. Dramatic as in Ellie’s father is an actor and her mother is a drama teacher. This story is quirky and humorous, just like me! We have met many characters already, including Ellie’s preschool teacher Starlily, her Grandfather Melvin the interesting scientist (full of his own importance) and Ellie’s best friend Brianna, who loves playing volleyball.

The story starts off when Ellie is in preschool. Her teacher Starlily is original and organic and gives all the children a Goldfish so as to teach the children about life. Everyone else’s Goldfish only lasts a couple of day’s! Ellie’s Goldfish however, is… different. Hers lasts for a full seven years…. or so she thinks. It turns out that her mother had been regularly replacing her goldfish until Ellie was in year five.

Brianna has been best friends with Ellie forever. But then comes… Middle school! Brianna is busy with tournaments and training and cannot do anything fun with Ellie. She slowly slips further and further away until Ellie starts to doubt their friend ship.

Added to this chaos, Ellie’s babysitter, Nicole, abruptly quits and is replaced with a bossy, pimply, smelly, obnoxious teenage boy. He turns out to be her crazy scientist grandfather, Melvin. Could things get any worse? Yes it can, Melvin has to go to school… with Ellie!

I predict that many more crazy adventures await Ellie and her grandfather Melvin in Middle School. But given that Melvin has two PHD’s I think he won’t need to be helped in Science or maths or anything!

I recommend reading the Fourteenth Goldfish. I hope you have enjoyed following my blog and that you are ready for another term filled to the brim!

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The End of Enigma

Hello World,

I hope you have enjoyed my choose your own adventure story ‘Enigma’. This is the last week where I have to conclude my story, thank you for commenting every week it has been very helpful.

Cara walked with Oliver Pufflet down the empty street taking her further and further away from the one person she had been searching for. Her father. She was so close now. Her mind was tackling one question, a simple question but the debate in her mind had a million sides. How was she going to find the answer? Cara made a brave decision to find that answer with the assistance of this annoying yet ‘intelligent’ Pufflet boy. She smirked and stifled a little laugh whenever she said that name.

“Oliver,” Cara said exhausted, “how do we get to London?”

Oliver’s face lit up in delight.

“Does this mean you’re coming with me to London? Oh golly, great I know just the way to get us there. I mean oh, oh, yeah great.”

Oliver pulled a bright phone out of his pocket. He dialled a number and a taxi pulled up almost immediately. The inside was more like a camper-van. There was a bed, table, flat-screen TV and a fridge that held delicious food.
“Would you like a snack?” Oliver chuckled as he opened the fridge, he was beaming. Oliver handed her a cupcake.
“What?” Cara questioned. She had never tasted food this delicious before. He must have a French pastry chef on his private staff. She had already spilt the chocolate icing all over her school blouse in the rush to cram as much cupcake in her mouth as possible.
“Oh, nothing, nothing.” Oliver Pufflet lied.

The ‘taxi’ finally pulled up at the impressive stone train station at Gare du Norde.
“Your ride awaits sir,” the driver announced, “your parents also gave me your pocket money that you left at home and your toothbrush.”

Cara followed Oliver through all the security and finally reached the first class ‘Euro Star’ train carriage. Cara felt quiet relaxed until the intercom blasted out some messages about the route they were taking. They were going in an under ground tunnel for most of the trip and Cara felt quite uneasy at the thought. Yet the train ride proceeded as normal. Then suddenly the train came to a halt. To make the situation even worse, finish they were in the middle of the underwater tunnel in the pitch black. After what seemed like forever the lights slowly flickered back on. Rich passengers immediately turned on their mobile phones starting trying to call for assistance, and also their lawyers. Well that didn’t work because their was no internet service at all. Luckily after a time of panicking and screaming the intercom blasted another message stating that they were fixing the problem and all was well.
They finally got safely to their destination and alighted the train at London where they were immediately met by two huge beefy looking men.
“You two need to come with us.” They said metallically and in unison.

The next thing Cara knew she were locked up again but this time more ‘securely’.
“Let me go now!” Cara yelled. She tried to strain her neck to see where Oliver was. It turned out he was no where to be seen. Across the room to figures one small one tall entered, they seemed to be fighting.
“You cannot do anything to hurt her!” Was loud and clear but the rest was muffled. The shadows came closer and closer until Cara could finally see their faces. It was Oliver and who seemed to be his father.
“Hello Cara.” The man said smoothly as put his figures together contemplatively. “Oliver would you like to join your friend; I’m sure that can be arranged.” Oliver gulped. He looked longingly at Cara. Then down at his Italian leather shoes.
“N-n-no, Dad I mean….Sir.” Oliver said glumly. Cara could not believe that this pasty, yet kindly, English schoolboy had been plotting against her this whole time. She could not wait to get her hands on him!

“Perfect, then let’s get this party started! Bring in Adam Beale.” The man said evilly.

“Let me go! Cara, is, is that you?” Her father questioned

“Oh family love,” the man sighed, “well Adam Beale, you have a very important decision to make. Either to come and join forces with me, or refuse and leave your daughter to die.” He explained simply.
“None of the above!” Caras Dad answered emphatically

And with that a unit of MI5 agents stormed the premises, capturing the evil Pufflet’s freeing Cara and her father.

“Dad!” Cara exclaimed.

“Cara, yes it is me. I’ve missed you so much. I have some news, this was my last ever mission. I’m coming back home, with you… If you’ll have me that is. I really do love you.” Cara’s father looked questioningly at her.

“I love you too! Yes, yes, come home.” Cara smile lit up the room, this had been the best day of her life.

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Act Six, Take One

Hello World,

This week option three was the most popular. Natalia is quite a handful!. Please read on and vote this week so that I may continue my story.

Once Cara and the rest of the girls in her school choir had left the plane, and made it into the Arrivals hall, Natalia immediately became distracted and wandered from the Group. Her blonde ponytail bobbed off in the opposite direction.

“Cara, be a darling and go retrieve Natalia. She is obviously lost….again, we will wait here until you come back” her teacher requested. The teacher, Ms HIgglesworth, had dark circles shadowing her eyes because of Natalia’s continual wayward behaviour. Cara, of course, did as she was told and went to retrieve Natalia, even though the plane ride had drained all her energy.

Cara raced off, dodging all the prams, suitcases and toddlers trying to make her way through the herd of sheep-like humans. She was stuck in a chaotic sea of people.

“Natalia, Natalia.” Cara called. She had lost the blonde ponytail.

Suddenly, she was swept off her feet and pulled into a security car.

“Good morning,” a boys voice interrupted Cara’s confused thoughts,

“I’m Oliver Pufflet, yet my full name is Oliver James Clifton Hubert Roberto Graham Alexander Pufflet, the third. It appears that we have both been kidnapped by this rogue security agent.” Oliver Pufflet (the third) said motioning towards the beefy, anonymous looking man in dark glasses.

“Really? I would have never known!” Cara said sarcastically through gritted teeth. She immediately disliked this pompous looking private English schoolboy.

“Help, help!” Cara tried to scream for assistance, for she knew Oliver was of no use. Then suddenly a bat must have hit her over the head to silence her, because all she saw was darkness blackening her vision.

Some time later…….Cara slowly blinked her eyes open.

“H-hello?” Cara questioned, still getting over her confusion and concussion.

“Cara Beale, how glad we are for you to have finally joined us.” A deep hard voice said. Cara tried to get her eyes to adjust to the sudden blinding light in her eyes. “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

Noise’s of distress, screeching and screaming filled Cara’s ear, then a big clash, bang and boom silenced it all. Then coughing, spluttering. Screeching, yelling… Sirens were wailing, hoses were spraying water and fires were burning. The noise started again, and for a split second Cara thought she was dreaming.

A stray dancing flame had caught up to her chair, burning her feet, legs and catching onto her chair it leapt up to the armrest were Cara’s hands were held down by a strong tight rope. A tall figure was standing in front of her, the flames were somehow ignoring him.

The figure lurched forward and cut the rope, freeing Cara. Cara caught a slight glimpse of the figures face. She stopped, she stared and looked confusedly into the man’s eyes. He looked exactly like her. It couldn’t be…….

“Dad?” Cara questioned.

“Run, Cara quickly before the gas is released.”

But it was already too late, she had taken just one quick breath which proved almost deadly. Cara fainted for the second time that night.

Again some time later, she awoke this time to see Oliver Pufflet staring intently at her.

“Are you alright?? I was just about to start the kiss of life” Oliver explained. “We’ve just learned all about that at my school Hetherington Manor” he added unnecessarily!

Cara felt quite ill by that thought, and felt the urge to slap him. However it must have been him that saved her life, as her father was now no where to be seen.

“We have to get to London!” Oliver said bossily

“London, Why London? But , whats ….?” Cara was not often speechless, but this turn of events was very confusing

“Well, we are currently running from a man who wants to lure your father by using you.” Oliver Pufflet explained.

“What happened back there, the explosion, the-the-the, why?” Cara was completely bewildered, she was planning to escape from the group but certainly not in this matter!

She had just met her father and because of him her life had almost ended twice today. Anger rose in her, making her fume and she felt the urge to explode.

What should Cara do next?

1. Follow Oliver Pufflet (the third) to London trusting that he will help her

2. Ditch Oliver, go solo and attempt to find her father again, in her own way

3. Attempt to convince Oliver Pufflet to use his family money and get them back to the group

Thanks for reading!
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Act Five, Take One

Hello World,

This week option one was the winner, the majority voted for Cara to go over to the bathrooms and comfort Megan apologising for what she had done. For my chose your own adventure story to continue please comment voting for which direction the story should head.

Cara toddled over to the girls bathrooms. “Megan, are you in here?” Cara sighed. She heard sniffles from behind one of the cubicles. “I’m sorry, I really am,” Cara saw a small hunched over shadow in the corner, “you, I, um, I want to apologise. Do you want to come out?”
“Why are you here?” Megan was again trying to act as big as she could.
“Well, like I said, I want to say sorry.” Cara slowly entered. She knew that this situation was a minefield one wrong move and it would all be over. The shadow slowly moved into the light, her face was calm but tears still ran down her cheeks. “I’m the one who should say sorry, I pushed you over the edge and you had all the right to have a go at me like that.” The two girls once, strong enemies, now frenemies. They embraced in a very awkward hug.

“How was school darling?” Cara’s mother said as she opened the door.
“Absolutely…” Cara tried to pretend that she had a horrible day, “excellent!” She leaped forward and gave her surprised yet joyful mother a big tight squeeze.
“Alright, now you have to pack. I sent your teacher an email, you are in!”
“Oh my gosh, you’re right I do have to pack!”

“Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off.” The intercom robot announced.
“OMG, I am totally like, like you know what I’m like with things like this because like I get so excited like yeah.” Natalia explained in ‘detail’. Cara was, excited yet extremely frightened. She had never sat in business class before, scrap that, she had never been on a plane before. She gripped the side of her enormous seat readying herself for take off.

“Once the plane has come to a complete stop you may undo your seatbelt and collect your belongings.” Cara awoke with a startle. She heard her stomach grumbling, her throat was dry and her hair was a mess.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I kinda like ate your like nice chicken and chocolate like meal.” Cara was too shell shocked to notice Natalia’s annoying immature little voice. She was staring out the window at a private jet with butlers and a red carpet so their feet wouldn’t get dirty.
“Quickly girls, hurry now. Cara! You look a mess, quickly, what? Natalia that’s Cara’s chocolate bar. Oh it’s too late. Sorry Cara.” Her teacher tried to control the girls, restraining them from staring at the private, boarding school male students who had just came out of the jets door.

What should Cara do next?

Cara leaves her passport behind and must go back otherwise she will not be let in to France
2. Cara is too messy and grimy so she must go to the bathrooms to redo her hair
3. Natalia wanders off in the different direction towards the boys, Cara has to go and re-direct Natalia back towards the group